The Secret Garden - A Pop-up Gallery Photographer, Janelle Pietrzak will be exhibiting large, color photographs from her self-portrait series The Secret Garden. Photographed in locations around the globe, Janelle Pietrzak’s unique images bring a new voice to the world of creative fine art photography. This exclusive event will take place in one of San Miguel de Allende’s most beautiful private hacienda style gardens. Her first solo-show in Mexico, this event is one night only, although the photographs will be on view for one month following the event. The work of Janelle Pietrzak, invites you into a hidden world that evokes myth and mystery. Her photographs tempt you to shed the rubric of the outside world and for a moment believe in magic. Inspired by unique locations around the globe, Janelle Pietrzak uses self-portraiture to explore transcendence. Conjuring ghosts, goddesses, and deities, her solitary figures embody the phenomenal spirits that haunt clandestine spaces. Janelle Pietrzak summons the viewer into her long exposure photographs, and transports them to mystical places that seem more dream than reality. Similar to Victorian era images of spirits and fairies, one cannot immediately determine the truth of what is being shown. Solo figures haunt extraordinary starlit landscapes, decaying Spanish haciendas, and rugged coasts. These feminine figures are at times elusive, but always formidable. As these are indeed photographs, only the medium belies the fact that what is being seen must exist in realty. Janelle Pietrzak invites the heart to see, and requests that the mind is quieted, so that magical can be illuminated. A traditionalist, Janelle Pietrzak relies little on Adobe Photoshop to produce her images, rather exploring the interplay between light and time. Her photographs are performance rather than simulation; like frozen films, what the viewer sees, is what the camera recorded. Saturated in color, indescribable blues contrast with vibrant yellows, brilliant greens, and sanguine reds. Everything, from the settings to the costumes, draws the viewer in and asks them, if only for a moment, to suspend disbelief and enter The Secret Garden. Janelle Pietrzak Janelle Pietrzak is an USA born photographer currently living in Mexico. Educated at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Janelle received her BFA in Fine Arts, and BA in Film Studies. Later, she also earned an AA in Apparel Manufacturing from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles. Like the boy in Frances Hodgson Burnett’s novel, The Secret Garden, Janelle suffered debilitating chronic back pain and five years ago underwent a spinal fusion surgery. After several months of bed rest, and endless physical therapy, Janelle chose to pack up her apartment and follow her dreams of travel and photography. It is out of this resilience and passion that she has created the images for The Secret Garden. Her work has won several awards and been shown internationally, including Liminal Rites, a solo show featuring her collaborative images with performance artist Aloyse Blair, at the National Arts Club in New York City.
One of the pillars of the San Miguel community is philanthropy. The Secret Garden, is thrilled to announce that 5% of all sales will be donated to a wonderful local organization, Centro para los Adolescentes de San Miguel de Allende (CASA). CASA was established in 1981, as a family-planning education facility and has grown to encompass more than ten different programs. CASA reaches out to the rural communities of San Miguel de Allende with information on family planning, domestic violence prevention, sex education, LGBT, nutrition, and environmental awareness. Their services also include a daycare and preschool, maternity hospital and a midwifery school. Involving the local youth as peer educators and counselors, CASA is making a huge difference in the community.
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